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MAY 2017

"Overcoming Objections" with IRiE

Approach everything that means anything to you
as if EVERYTHNG depends on it!
— IRiE

May 2016

Miami Carol City High School

"Diploma's Now" Report Card Conferences

For a few years now, Irie and The Irie Foundation have supported our Diplomas Now partners in their initiative to target at-risk youth in seeking to improve behavior, attendance, and course performance. One of the areas in which Irie is most passionate is in being able to encourage young people to stay in school and improve their grades, hence his involvement with the quarterly Report Card Conferences. 

While serving Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Diplomas Now has attributed to such successes as a 53% reduction in the number of ninth‐graders failing math and a 42% reduction in the number of ninth-graders failing English.

February 2016

D.A. Dorsey Technical College

Legacy Honors Awards



January 2016

Richmond Heights Middle School

Music Magnet Guest Speaker Series