A Spring of Hope is honored to be partnering with the Irie Foundation.  Our shared goal of helping children succeed, whether in South Florida or South Africa, is a common thread in our organizations.  The Irie Foundation is helping us bring clean sustainable water supplies to 5 schools in the Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga provinces. Through their innovative Pen Pal Program, students in South Florida can experience another culture and connect with similar age learners in rural communities in South Africa.  ASoH is delighted to be able to introduce the children in an opportunity for education, humility, and the spirit of Ubuntu*

* Ubuntu is the principle of caring for each other’s well being through mutual support.  Ubuntu means that people are people through other people”

-Joanne Roy-Young     Executive Director    

A Spring of Hope

“The Irie Foundation means    the world to The Motivational Edge for a multitude of reasons! They have provided a safe haven for our inner city youth, giving them a platform to positively express themselves and excel  in and out of school. Irie Foundation’s investment in our organization has breathed new life into the Allapattah community, which will feel      the positive impact for years    to come.”

- Ian Welsch
The Motivational Edge

“The blessing of support from the Irie Foundation has enabled us to provide  quality services that aid our at-risk populations in successfully making  the  transition from middle to high school. The foundation’s generosity has also aided us in providing our students the opportunity to have knowledge of, and experiences with the college atmosphere and other post secondary educational options, ensuring  that they know there is no  limit to  what they can achieve.”

-Sean Prospect
Int. Executive Director
After-School All-Stars South Florida

“Our partnership with the 
IRIE Foundation means the
 world to us. Together, we are making sure we “keep the  music playing” for our youth, 
through positive mentoring  relationships, high school  graduation and scholarships. What does IRIE mean to Big Brothers Big Sisters?  “Inspiration, Rhythm, and 
Impact through Education”.

- Mr. Gale S. Nelson, M.S.
Senior Vice President
Big Brothers Big Sisters 
of Greater Miami